100 Rajdamri is a complex ideally located within the grounds of the prestigious Royal Bangkok Sports Club amidst the prime shopping area of Bangkok. The complex is a cluster of three dining outlets: Fallabella, Tai Thai and Monkey Bar. Upon entering the grounds, guests will be greeted with an immaculately landscaped garden and view the clubs golf course. We boast 100 Rajdamri the Best of Bangkok Night Entertainment with the exclusive location, excellent ambiance and excellent crowd. If the Royal Bangkok Sports Club feels like home, 100 Rajdamri feels like the cozy backyard where family members and guests get together to relax and have fun.
Recognized as One of the Top Ten Italian Restaurants in Bangkok by the Italian Embassy. Our Italian dishes are elaborately prepared in an authentic and traditional Italian food at its best. Featuring our specialties, diners looking for a rich, fulfilling Italian meal would not be disappointed. At Fallabella, guests will enjoy great live bands during the week, usual chill jazz and Thai-English pop at the beginning of the week. From Wednesday to Saturday, a crowd favorite, Thai pop dance bands till late night.


Tai Thai
Tai Thai, the reviver of the traditional Thai delicacies. We serve Thai dishes with no compromise in its traditional taste. The price ranges from simply Spicy Papaya Salad Somtum to Superb Seafood Dishes from the ocean, but the quality is all five-star.


Monkey Bar
Set in an antique two storey 1930 Colonial House. Monkey Bar makes a bold statement with its deep red colour and vibrant ambiance. Lighting makes this Monkey Bar a jungle for the clubber and private parties. Providing an exclusive bar, giving the best drinks in town. Check out your favorite Signature Drinks and DJ session on your night out.
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